Believe You Can & You Will Excel Yourself

hand-1635144_960_720Have you ever had that feeling of self doubt? You know that feeling I am talking about!?
You want to do something so bad, you feel it running through your blood but you just don't believe deep down inside that you can do it..

Many spend a lifetime wanting to do so many things with there lives but they put up these blocks, barriers that get in the way from you even allowing this dream or desire to take shape.  They just don't believe in themselves enough.

Why do we do this??
It boils down to fear, but its not all as it seems to be..
The mind is a powerful tool. We create the blocks as a security blanket to protect ourselves from failing.

Here is a question for you? If you never try anything new or anything risky, how can you ever know if anything works?
All of the products produce in the world started as a dream and it took those brave individuals to go through the motions of trial and error. This then resulted in a perfected finish product.

Its that leaping into the unknown that most find terrifying. For me I was the same, until I learnt to flip my thoughts and look at things from a different perspective. Why not look at it in a whole new light?
See the unknown as an exciting opportunity and an unwritten chapter of your life. You are the author and you have total control of what happens in this adventure called ‘YOUR LIFE', yes its ‘YOURS' and no-one elses.

I don't ever claim to be perfect and neither should you. Its a our flaws and quirky ways that make each one of us unique.

hand-1635146_960_720When I jumped in head first to the world of online business, I was terrified & I had so many people telling me that it won't work and its a waste of money. The people whom doubted the most were close friends and family. The words scam and pyramid scheme came up more times than you could imagine.

I soon learnt that they weren't the ones paying my bills and let everything they said go over my head. You know that caused a little family drama for a temp time but it made a point.

You need to learn how to stop allowing others actions and thoughts effect your life. This takes time and practice. All those doubters have whats call a closed mindset and you have whats called a growth mindset.

Here is the truth – The reason they are in so much doubt is because they themselves are scared and are projecting there fearful thoughts onto you.

Begin to surround yourself with like-minded people that will have a positive impact on your daily living.  Remove all that is not serving you well.


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