Entrepreneurs Fighting Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain – An Insight into the lives of 2 Entrepreneurial woman battling a condition that most struggle to deal with just the average day to day activities.

Kristie Mathews conducted this interview with myself (Amanda Ashton-Booth). Kristie is a highly driven Marketer with a strong desire to help others. Wishing to bring to attention the troubles that people in life and business face. We both connect really well due to many reasons; including our health condition. We live to inspire others and are on a similar life path to do so.

Researchers are still baffled by this terrible condition. FMS causes widespread pain all around the body, amongst many other symptoms that follow hand and hand.

Now you are about to find out these ladies do it??

Here is a break down from the questions asked in the video above.

51db81f01041732934cb2c2764f8c57f#1, What inspired you to want to talk today about Fibromyalgia & how FMS has affected your life?
Many struggle to live with this condition. It has life changing effects it has in everyday activities. It takes a long time for diagnoses and let me tell you that the process is soul destroying! You will go through many different doctors because of the stigmatisation surrounding the illness. Many doctors do not have a full understanding of how to treat properly. This is because there is lack of knowledge. Even researchers themselves are still trying to understand.

So the million dollar question is, if the medical professionals still fail to understand then how on earth do us that fight it day after day? and how are we supposed to cope?
For all of us that are diagnosed, it is pretty much the same process. You will be told you have Fibromyalgia, otherwise known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and given some pills. When you ask what it is they forward you to looking it up online and you are forced to just figure the rest out. This is an extremely soul crushing process.

#2, Medical research has shown that FMS is triggered by either a previous physical or emotional trauma, is this the case for you?
Yes, this is very true for me and many others it seems. I suffered a lot of turmoil as a child and then into my teens I spiraled completely out of control. It was when I met my partner at 27yrs that I calmed down and all symptoms kicked in and the real challenge with this illness started. You can read my full story RIGHT HERE

#3, Do you take medication to treat your symptoms?
I was on antidepressants (Venlafaxine) since my teens and then ended up on anti seizure medication (Gabapentin), followed my painkillers (Tramadol). I managed to remove all of these from my system May 2016 and finally felt alive. It was like the medication took away my personality and replaced with a zombie. I will advise that if you wish to do this then do not go cold turkey like I did because you will feel very ill. You should seek tapering advice from your GP.

8879ea500c48b375a49455fb1d8317de#4, How does working from home help with the devastating effects of FMS?
When my symptom started, I was in full-time work and this was making me struggle with pain management in a huge way. You see most of the employment I had qualified for was heavy duty, manual labor work. Now for someone with chronic pain, a job of this magnitude is asking to go into an early grave. You will just end up like a broken down, beat up machine! I was so stubborn with my job and could not admit defeat. So I just soldiered on and wore myself down to the extent of being sacked for not coping with the work load. The last thing you need right?
Then after a couple of years being out of work I came across the wonderful world of online business. This was the start of my new life. I could be home and earn an income by doing what I like to do best and that's to help people.

#5, And to piggy-back from the last question. Will you tell our views how aligning yourself with an on-line Marketing & Mindset education platform, various numbers of Facebook groups and live events have helped you cope with your condition?
Well the platform that we use has everything someone starting out in online business could ever need. It supplies all of the tools and the training to able to make a substantial income whilst from the comfort of your own home. You are surrounded daily by positive people that motivate and inspire you to push through those painful dark days and bring that light back into your life.

#6, Of course our viewers know we are not doctors and anything we say should be confirmed by your doctor, having said that, please share the things you do, the things your eat and the supplements you take to cope with FMS?
I prefer to be 100% natural. I have slipped one or 2 times in the last year with pain relief due to the winter weather effecting me hugely. But my best friend of all in my heat lotion that I just couldn't be without. I also find hot water bottles in the evening are highly effective.

hand-1917895_960_720#7, You started a Fibromyalgia Facebook Group, tell us a little about that and what is the criteria to join your group?
the groups is slow and steady coming together. I am looking for people that will be interactive in the group to help mood levels. I see to many of these self pity party group and to be honest. These groups are supporting the illness and its symptoms rather that solution searching. I truly believe that you need to try your hardest, even on the darkest days. By you taking a positive, naturally you will feel better within your mind. This is a hard process for many and takes time to grasp that positive mindset. A good start is to be open to the idea of it and the rest shall follow.

#8, We're getting near the end of this chat, is there anything else you wish to share with our viewers?
I would love to help anyone whom is open to learning how to creating an income online working from home. I will coach them every step of the way. I will help in both business and mindset in a step by step, highly effective process. This will able results in getting you on the right path to success. If this is you then your life is about to change in so many ways.. Are you ready for change and to find that new authentic self?

#9, How can our viewers get a hold of you?
It's really easy to find me. You just need to type my name into Google or Facebook search bar. You will find that I am the only Amanda Ashton-Booth in the world. Talk about Authentic right? See below for some direct links..

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