Content Marketing 101 – Your Simple Guide

How to generate maximum results of execution, through strategic planning. The question you may be asking yourself is….

What is Content Marketing & why should I care?

content-is-king-1132266_960_720Did you know that Content Marketing is actually in-fact an ancient art?
• 1895: John Deere publishes The Furrow – a
guide to successful farming that also promoted
the brand’s agricultural machinery.
• 1900: Michelin exploited the link between
Tyre and travel to create an annual guide to the
best hotels and restaurants that’s now synonymous with quality.
• 1930s: Procter & Gamble sponsored radio
plays that targeted their core audience of house
wives – giving rise to the term “soap opera”.

Public houses with signs hanging outside to attract in customers..

The bible is to promote the word of God..

Newspapers have been around, like forever..


content-is-king-1132258_960_720Understanding Your Consumers/Buyers

Content Marketing does not mean just throwing out any content possible. It's all strategy & understanding your audience and sharing valued content that is of relevancy to them. You also need to ensure that you are sharing your content in such a way that can be easy to digest and ensuring that its easy to find.
Applying an effective content strategy will always start with mapping the journey for the consumer. The consumer will various methods of content in many stages. You should tailor the journey in such away that progresses them in as comfortable as possible purchase – providing the highest value content every step of the way. This needs to be at the precise moment of deepened engagement.
Starting with allowing the consumer to Identify that pain, need, problem or where they may need what you have to provide them with improvement.

Your customers and prospects have never been
more resistant to traditional marketing, or fussier
about the content they’ll consume:
• 44% of direct mail is never opened
• 86% of viewers skip TV adverts
• 200 million numbers on ‘Do Not Call’ Lists

Providing the content the right way

When you are going to create the consent you need to take the same approach as a journalist.
This means asking the questions that then provides the appropriate answers.

What's the story?
Why Should my audience care?
How can I project the what I have to share in the most engaging way?

If you want your audience to take immediate action, then this is the most effective way. Allowing you to make your content fresh, relevant and interesting. which then results in a huge impact and maximizing results!

Just because you want to say it, doesn’t mean your audience wants to hear it:
• Avoid bombarding prospects with sales messages.
• Base content on your prospect’s needs, not yours.
• Tell your audience something they don’t already know.
• Don’t crush your prospects under a landslide of automated engagement.
• If there’s market resistance to your brand, consider loosening the status quo with unbranded content.

With a steady stream of high-quality content, your business will benefit from inbound marketing that regularly adds fresh, self-selected contacts to your nurture database.

content-is-king-1132263_960_720But when should you ask prospects to reveal their identity?
It’s essential to capture prospect information at the right moment. For instance, forcing visitors to register on their first trip to your website will simply cause many people to steer clear. Similarly, there’s little point gating content that won’t entice prospects to enter their details: a new, detailed research report may be worth 30 seconds of their time, but is a short blog or info-graphic?
Your specific acquisition strategy should align to your business goals, the prospects you’re targeting and the content on offer. Many organisations will want to take customers on a journey to capture strong sales leads, but prospect acquisition can be as quick as one click. For instance, if your business is focused on tightly defined targets that will be seeking specific content, a high-value “honeypot” of gated content may be the best approach. If content is custom-made for a specific segment, either they want it or they don’t.

The 4 P's of Marketing

Product, Price, Placement & Promotion


content-is-king-1132261_960_720FOLLOW BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES
When it comes to executing on your content marketing strategy the right way, there are some simple steps to follow:
• Get buy-in: With many different stakeholders in your organisation influencing marketing decisions, it’s essential to ensure that you all start on the same page. A co-ordinated, long-term vision and good internal communications are crucial to building and maintaining a successful content marketing strategy.
• Put the customer at the center of your strategy: Develop personas and map out the
buyer journey to understand the needs of your prospects and how they want to consume content. By understanding your buyers, you can provide relevant, high value content which further deepens engagement and generates better qualified leads.
• Make content relevant: Align content to your audience and their stage in the buyer journey. Engage customers on their own terms with valuable information that can solve their current challenges, and make it accessible across the right formats and devices.
• Make content easy to discover and share: Optimize your content for search engines and social media to make sure your brand is front and center when customers go looking for information. Ideally, content should be so engaging that people want to share it with others, so make it easy to do so.
• Make the most of what you have: Reusing or re-purposing existing content for new audiences, or different moments in the buyer journey, can be a fantastic way to stretch your budget and give your results a boost at a minimal cost.
• Measure results and refine your strategy: Set clear, measurable KPIs at every stage and ensure you are ready to track click-throughs and other crucial metrics as buyers engage with your content. Your strategy should never be set in stone: be ready to adapt your approach as you see what works and what doesn’t.

MAXIMIZE RESULTS: A smart approach to content can let you achieve  more with a minimal investment of time or budget:
• Switch formats or channels
• Refocus content for a new audience
• Combine existing pieces to create something entirely new

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