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Facing Fears & On Stage With Ray Higdon

14285107_10154529816187269_677530531_oFacing Fears & On Stage With Ray Higdon – 3 days bussing to and back from Manchester and not a wink of sleep. I was totally running on empty..

But, Why would I put myself through this, you ask??

Here's the thing!!

I don't ever do much for me and never do anywhere unless its local.
I really wanted to go to our company event so badly..
However, that was in Austen Texas & with me being in the UK, that giant pond was in my way teehee..
I ain't much of a strong swimmer, so that was out of the question also LOL

It was only a month ago that one of my buddies mentioned that one of our mentors was going to be speaking at an event in the UK.. When I found out who it was I was gutted because I knew I couldn't afford but also knew that not going wasn't the option..
And so many of the amazing guys I have been working with for the last 9 months were all going to be attending. I just couldn't miss out on this chance to share such an amazing experience with such wonderful people..

You see I couldn't get over the fact that there was no giant pond n the way this time and I had no choice but to find a way to make it happen. Whatever It took, I was determined that I was going to make it happen..

So I sold my laptop and all of my spare jewellery and some other stuff.
This got me enough money to cover travel and the event ticket.
Only problem I had with the travel tickets, was being the bus and a long way around for a sort cut but it turned out the cheapest option.
IF you know me already you will know that this would be a painful journey with the Fibromyalgia kicking in but I just soldiered on as always.

I left on Friday 9th September at 5pm from Inverurie Train station..14315439_10153817786733456_82513358_o
So this is where the real fun began LOL

Bus Journey 1
Date: September 9, 2016
From: Aberdeen, Bus Station (7:15 PM)
To: Birmingham, Hill Street (4:05 AM)

14315782_10153819451488456_1187079747_oBus Journey 2
Date: September 10, 2016
From: Birmingham, Hill Street (6:25 AM)
To: Manchester, Shudehill Interchange (8:20 AM)

So this was me arriving as one hot mess and first port of call had to be the bus station toilets to get freshened up to be at-least semi presentable.

I asked one of the station workers to give me directions and he told me to get the number 2 bus and I quickly replied with “If you think I am getting on another bus, well you are much mistaken.. Just point me in the direction and I shall find my way on foot.”
I happen to be very street wise..

So away I headed to the hall where we would all meet. I got a call from my buddy Soloma when I was half way there and she collected me on her way in the car which was a bonus.. Anything but a bus was fine with me haha…

Once we had turned up, it was so busy and so odd to be looking for people in real life and also wandering if we ever spoke to half of these people in that hall online before?? The strangest feeling..

The res14316054_909618422515375_1152196562_ot of the gang turned up and it was really funny that we were all like best of buddies because we all speak online or on webcam mostly everyday. It was just so natural, with hugs and kisses all round..

So much love and passion in the one area.. Such a beautiful thing to both see and experience..

Only issue I had is the fact that I was completely bushwhacked and just wasn't functioning properly at all. You could say that I was running on complete empty..

So we all got in and settled, Ray came on a blew us all away with his training as always. However, we follow him and his work very closely so we know it already but always go for the reminder to drum it in better..

The second round of training with Ray had just started and the most amazing thing happened.

Firstly let me share with you a promise that I made to myself because I do a lot of serious mindset and therapy training with myself.. I promised that if ever I am to be put in position where I am facing a fear or to step out of my comfort zone then I am not going to even give fear and procrastination time to kick in. I am just going to go for it…
I always had a habit like many in life to overthink and talk myself out of everything because I let fear control. Well No more and enough was enough…

So this is what happened to give me that extra breakthrough in my self development..
Ray ask all those that travelled over a certain amount of hours to the event to stand up until it was just me standing there with my yellow cardigan there with my hand up sticking out like a sore thumb and then asked me to come up on stage. So the funny thing was that I was still doing my Facebook live whilst walking up to him on the stage lol..

How did I do this without freaking out like I normally have in the past and like many do in life??
I tried not to at that moment in time think about it to much and I focused on looking at Ray and not at everyone in the room.. The real nerves didn't kick in until I got on that stage and turn around to see around 900 people staring back at me LOL…
But the fact that I had done it was one hell of an achievement..
and I would do it again and again until the fear washes itself away and replaces with confidence which come with time and experience to us all..

14225530_10154932836381111_5618596240928634138_nOnce we had met Ray and got some pictures take and videos etc, we all decided to head for lunch and a great get together before we all parted ways. We all got on as if we knew each other for years. The best thing about us being together is that we are all like mined and can connect on such a much deeper level than the average people in life. Were are far from average, we are all so highly driven and keen to learn from each other and grow together as a strong network.. This is what is truly all about and its a wonderful feeling to be surround by just fantastic human-beings..

We all feel truly blessed to be in each others lives…

14284958_909618322515385_538232164_oSo after lunch we all parted ways for homeward bound..
I did my homing pigeon thing and trekked across Manchester by foot with my camera for a little sightseeing and then waited 3 hours for a bus that ended up late.

Bus Journey 3
Date: September 10, 2016
From: Manchester, Shudehill Interchange (10:30 PM)
To: Birmingham, Hill Street (12:25 AM) Arrived around 30mins late..

Then I had to hang around to wait for the next bus which was going to be about another 90mins so I found this chilled little bar and had some water on the rocks and they closed after 30mins of me being there so I just headed back up the hill to wait for the bus.

I was waiting a long time because it was an hour late and I was cold, wet and extremely exhausted by this point of time lol

Bus Journey 4
Date: September 11, 2016
From: Birmingham, Hill Street (2:35 AM) It arrived at 3:40 AM so was very late..
To: Aberdeen, Bus Station (11:35 AM)

14285693_10153822602203456_870875484_oAs you can see that I should have arrived in Aberdeen at 11:30 AM and due to another bus swap and delays, I arrived at 2 PM, which left me waiting for the training home 40mins later..
No way was I getting the bus haha

It hit 3:30pm Sunday and I had finally made it home..

14285674_10153822993128456_665419262_oThis only meant 1 thing???
Can you guess what that was???

I can safely say that this was an experience to remember and for anyone that is considering events, then I highly suggest going and you will now be disappointed. Not even the dreadful journey disappointed me because it was worth it 100%…

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  1. Awesome. Cool experience you had there Amanda! 🙂

    • Amanda Ashton-booth

      Plenty more amazing times like that to come 😛

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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