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Leaders Behaving Badly – How To Be A Leader


Leaders Behaving Badly is like a child trying to be an adult!!

It just doesn't work.. Right??

  1. So what are the main things that true leaders should and shouldn't do??
  2. Leaders will never judge a book by it's cover – We never know what that person has going on in there life.. So com'on guys stop dissing the ones that are just trying to find there way just like you were at the start..
  3. Leaders will never complain – No one wants to here moaning all day long.. So let start sharing some positively around and create a happy team..
  4. leaders will never be emotionally volatile – Your team and audience will be non existent if you are being emotionally volatile. Be happy & be patient & people will be by your side ever step of the way..
  5. Leaders will never just listen to what there own people have to say – This is something that is really annoying.. Just because you are with one company and you have your own team. This does not mean that you can't spread your wings further afield. Yes.. Your company and/or team may have a great training program. At the end of the day, you get your training and inspiration everywhere in life. So let start stepping out of our bubbles and start being true leaders!

A true Leader will train not only the team that they have, but they will work to inspire the world.. After all, the world is your audience.. Right??

“People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your truth and don't EVER stop!”
― Steve Maraboli

I firmly believe that if someone is intelligent enough to think outside the box to gain themselves more experience and training.. That is something that a leader should praise.. This person see's that they need something more and they are using initiative to achieve the dream they have signed up to…

Knowledge Is Power! Simple Truth!

Don't ever Let anyone tell you how to build your dream! It's you dream and anyway you choose to build it is the right way! It is the right way for you and therefore it is RIGHT!!

I hope that you found some use in this post.. If so? I would love to hear your comments below and i’ll see you all at the top looking down on that view you most desire!!!

Many thanks & god bless,

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  1. Love it. I think great leaders build great leaders. Thanks for sharing…

  2. [ Smiles ] Great advice on how to be an exemplary leader.

    • Amanda Ashton-booth

      Thank you for stopping by ..

      And thank you for your time..

      Stay blessed..

  3. I FELT that Right in my Heart! You are 100% Correct, TRUE Leaders Nourish their audience. I Have seen a few Lately reverting to OLD Scarcity Tactics in their Marketing message. Im Not talking about ‘Hey The Time is Limited’ Im Talking about Insulting stuff like telling their audience they just aren’t any good at all if they dont Pull out their Credit Card. Its all good.
    My Motto is to Do the best I can to Be as Good as I can and If I make mistakes, Appologize.

    • Amanda Ashton-booth

      So glad I managed to get that point across Tara…

      The message that I refer to is Quote “It doesn’t sound like it’s worth it if you’re still an assistant supervisor”

      Feel that sending messages to others following there dreams, is a terrible thing..

      You need to inspire and give… So seem to be forgetting what this industry is about and just pure focusing on the $$$$

      In all area’s of life requires *GIVE* & Take..

      Thank you for stopping by 😉

  4. Hi Amanda,
    Great advice on how to be an exemplary leader. True Leaders Nourish their audience.
    Thanks for sharing…

    • Amanda Ashton-booth

      Hey Mansi,

      Happy to have you here.. Glad you found value in my post..

      Stay blessed & Successful 😉

  5. A true leader should know how to deal with the present, no matter in what condition he/she has been through. Rather, leadership is blindly connected to being. It’s a major discipline that everybody should keep. It’s like crawling inside ourselves to find out the the skills and talents; the heart and drive that makes you different among many. It’s our skill to inspire loyalty, trust, commitment, and determination in front of fellow members. But I think credibility in leadership mostly hits us through character (who you are), competence (what you do), and our links (your relationship with followers).

    Well written, Amanda! I liked the overall flow of your writing. Thanks for sharing it.

    Have a good day! Enjoy.

    • Amanda Ashton-booth

      Hello my friend & thank you for taking the time to check out my post…

      You are very on point with you example to being a leader..

      If you ever need anything, just give me a shout 😉

  6. brahim mohamadi

    me name brahim from morocco 45years old work in seramic and marble i am mareid have 3 chldren two girl and one boy

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