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Set Backs are the Formula to Getting started!! Crazy as it sound, but so very true..

our whole entire lives are built around set backs
and it is with each of those set backs that get us
just that little bit forward in a better direction
than we were heading in the first place.

Could you imagine a life where there was no drama and nothing ever went wrong??
If you are really visualising, then you will come to the same conclusion as me…
Extremely dull and boring..

So when something in your life goes wrong, what do you do??
Do you do what most do and bury your head in the sand or do you fight 10x harder??

“You don't have to be good to start … you just have to start to be good!”
― Joe Sabah

Being a coach and mentor in the marketing industry, this means that
you are a person of authority and with authority, come responsibility.
You are the person people come to, to get solutions and problem solve.

Don't get me wrong, life can get in the way.
However, it is up to you to hold it together for the sake of your team.
You must keep a positive energy, to keep momentum going.
Nobody likes a killjoy as they say..

So the next time something goes wrong, use that as a tool to push you further forward and show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with..

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