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Believe You Can & You Will Excel Yourself

Believe You Can & You Will Excel Yourself

hand-1635144_960_720Have you ever had that feeling of self doubt? You know that feeling I am talking about!?
You want to do something so bad, you feel it running through your blood but you just don't believe deep down inside that you can do it..

Many spend a lifetime wanting to do so many things with there lives but they put up these blocks, barriers that get in the way from you even allowing this dream or desire to take shape.  They just don't believe in themselves enough.

Why do we do this??
It boils down to fear, but its not all as it seems to be..
The mind is a powerful tool. We create the blocks as a security blanket to protect ourselves from failing.

Here is a question for you? If you never try anything new or anything risky, how can you ever know if anything works?
All of the products produce in the world started as a dream and it took those brave individuals to go through the motions of trial and error. This then resulted in a perfected finish product.

Its that leaping into the unknown that most find terrifying. For me I was the same, until I learnt to flip my thoughts and look at things from a different perspective. Why not look at it in a whole new light?
See the unknown as an exciting opportunity and an unwritten chapter of your life. You are the author and you have total control of what happens in this adventure called ‘YOUR LIFE', yes its ‘YOURS' and no-one elses.

I don't ever claim to be perfect and neither should you. Its a our flaws and quirky ways that make each one of us unique.

hand-1635146_960_720When I jumped in head first to the world of online business, I was terrified & I had so many people telling me that it won't work and its a waste of money. The people whom doubted the most were close friends and family. The words scam and pyramid scheme came up more times than you could imagine.

I soon learnt that they weren't the ones paying my bills and let everything they said go over my head. You know that caused a little family drama for a temp time but it made a point.

You need to learn how to stop allowing others actions and thoughts effect your life. This takes time and practice. All those doubters have whats call a closed mindset and you have whats called a growth mindset.

Here is the truth – The reason they are in so much doubt is because they themselves are scared and are projecting there fearful thoughts onto you.

Begin to surround yourself with like-minded people that will have a positive impact on your daily living.  Remove all that is not serving you well.


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Mindset Changes Today With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ‘CBT’

Mindset Changes Today With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ‘CBT' – Say BYE BYE to those demons and live the life you deserve, achieving your dream goals of getting that crown that is rightfully yours for the taking. We all have demons holding us back and with this post I aim to provide you with that knowledge of a source that you may not be aware of.

  • CBT and What does it stand for?

    Cognitive – Thinking

    Behavioral – Behavior

    Therapy – Change

It's the 21st Century and we have a new age counselling in town helping people from all walks of life deal with the stresses that life brings.

What kind of issues can CBT help with? Research has shown that this therapy has been very effective for help those with psychological illnesses.. It can help reduce levels of Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, depression, Anger, Guilt, Phobias, Low self-esteem, Obsessive disorders and many other emotionally upset issues.

mahatma gandhiA man is but a product of his own thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.
~Mahatma Ghandi~


CBT is all about the mindset and how to change your way of thinking and this can able you to beat the negative behaviors that are holding you back from leading a happy, fulfilled life.

How can this help with work? Work can be a highly stressful environment and often more so if you are in a self employed Marketer. Although a self employed marketer is working in the comfort of there own home environment, it still has its hectic, high pressure way of getting you stressed from time to time. The average employee has the advantage of leaving work in the workplace and unwinding in the evenings with now work in sight. Whereas with running your own home run business, means you have everything in the A-Z of business to deal with oneself… This can be highly stressful and this is where CBT and Mindset Success would come into place..

Check out this great training video.. How to manage your thinking to reduce stress, improve leadership, resilience, communication..

How To Challenge Your Thoughts

Learning a technique of challenging all of your negative thoughts can able you to control anxiety and/or low mood. When people are feeling low or anxious, their thoughts can often be extreme or unrealistic.
This doesn't mean that you are crazy though!!
It simply means that you sussed out the way to keep your thoughts at bay…

CBT has a name for this and call these types of thoughts Negative Automatic Thoughts or Nats.
We all know that thoughts can cause high influence over our emotions, behaviour and vice versa, it is important to learn how to challenge some of our Nats.
Although some people understand that their negative thoughts may not be true, it can be
very difficult for people with anxiety or low mood to differentiate between the two and they often take their negative thoughts as fact.

Here are Excellent Examples of Nats including-

  • “Nobody likes me”
  • “Everything always goes wrong for me”
  • “If I am late for work, I will lose my job”
  • “They think I’m stupid”

What is the difference between a thought and an emotion?
The above are examples of thoughts, usually a statement about something or someone.
A thought is usually a sentence or statement.
An emotion is a word which describes how we feel, and is usually one word.
Examples of emotions include angry, happy, anxious, depressed, etc.
When people are feeling anxious, there are a number of unhelpful thinking styles that they may be using.
An example is fortune telling, and usually involves predicting a negative event or outcome for a future event.

Thought Traps
When catching your Nats, you may also find that there is a theme to your
negative thinking. We call these thought distortions of thought traps. A
number of these are described below:

You see things in extreme or in black and white.
“It is either perfect, or it is a mess”, “My friend likes me or he doesn’t.”

You see a single negative event as proof that other similar events will turn out the same way.
if one person behaved in a spiteful way to you, then all people behave in this way.

You pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it, viewing the whole situation as negative.
Refusing to notice any positives or anything that went well/you did well.

You reject positive experiences by insisting they ‘don’t count’ for some reason or another.
In this way you can maintain a negative belief that is contradicted by your everyday experiences.

You make a negative interpretation even though there are no definite facts that support your conclusion.
Mind Reading – you conclude that someone is reacting negatively to you, but you do not check this out with them.
Fortune Telling – You anticipate that things will turn out badly, and you feel that your prediction is an already established fact.

#5. MAGNIFICATION (Catastrophic)
You exaggerate the importance of things, such as, something you may have thought was wrong.
You inappropriately shrink your achievements or desirable qualities.

You assume that your negative emotions necessarily reflect the way things really are “I feel like a failure, therefore, I am one”.

You set your self standards of what you perceive you ‘should’ or ‘must’ be doing. These standards are often too high and unrealistic.
The emotional consequence is guilt.
When you direct should statements towards others, you feel anger, frustration and resentment.

This is an extreme form of over generalizing. Instead of describing your error, you attach a negative label to yourself: ‘I’m a loser’.
When someone else’s behaviour bothers you, you attach a general label to them ‘he’s an idiot’.
Mislabeling involves describing an event with language that is highly colored and emotionally loaded.

You see yourself as the cause of some negative external event, when in fact you did not have primary or any responsibility.

Activities For You To Try:
Have a think about your own unhelpful ways of thinking?  Can you recognize a pattern?

The next time I notice myself using them, I will try to:


Exercises like these are highly effective in retraining the brain. I have work books full of them and have used them myself from time to time over the years.  I like to incorporate them into my team training to keep a healthy mindset.

“Man can alter his life by altering his thinking.” –William James

I hope that you found some use in this post.. If so? I would love to hear your comments below and i’ll see you all at the top looking down on that view you most desire!!!

Many thanks & god bless,


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Social Media Hacks .

Social Media Hacks – 53 Booming Top Tips


Social Media Hacks – 53 Booming Top Tips: Social Media is on the rise and all of the top companies are using Social Media to there advantage, to Maximize Return On Investments. This article is aimed to guide you on how to use Social media to your advantage. You will learn much about how to use social media as your main marketing tool..

Social Media HacksBenefits Include: 

Increased Sales
Brand Elevation
Size No Longer Matters
Get To Know Your Target Market
Building a Community Around Your Brand/Products
Wider Audience & 24/7 Worldwide Domination
Building a powerful campaign that has the ability drive traffic right back to your door.

I wanted to share with you these useful Social Media Hacks on how to use social media with your business and give you a better and more simplified understanding. You can execute it with this simplified guide, teaching you how you are able to leverage social media for maximum success within your company/business.

What is Social Media and why are so many people using it? – Social Media is all about building conversation with people and making a connection. Building a relationships with your consumers is vital and therefor you need to get to know them and know what they desire and then you give them just that.

Social Media is a relationship building and Publishing Tool Available For Anyone To Use.
There Is no technology in history like it and it has shaped modern-day living for many reasons as shown below-

It is something that takes part online (otherwise known as the internet).
It is a type of communication that does not need to be done via meeting people in person, phone calls.
Social Media Marketing is location-independent, is a valuable part of any companies business strategy.
Social media is highly accessible to the public, which means that it has a massive worldwide viewing and the allows companies offers to be accessible more so than just the running of one man and his shop.
The tools that social media provide are easy for any person to learn the use of.

  1. Using images into your Twitter strategy can contribute to you receiving 150% more re-tweets.
  2. For those of you using Instagram, have you ever tried using one of the 3 most effective filters?? – Normal, Mayfair or Inkwell.
  3. Try Monitoring popular and relevant hashtags across various social media sites using a tool like Tagboard.
  4. Give your customers a reason to like you on Facebook – Offering free useful content is a great way to do this.
  5. Responding quickly and professionally to negative feedback and Use it as an opportunity to provide expert social customer service.
  6. Posting content on social media ‘after hours’ really helps and Some businesses have reported that their highest engagement levels occur in the early morning or late at night!
  7. Try Posting to Instagram around the hours of 3-4 pm EST: This seems to be when most users are checking their account.
  8. By Using fill-in-the-blank posts on Facebook it has be known you can receive 9x more comments than other post types.
  9. When possible, keep your Facebook posts to 40 characters or less….
  10. Watermark images so that if they get pinned, you still get credit.
  11. Storytelling in your social media efforts and start thinking outside the box.
  12. Social media is a long-term endeavor and therefor, don’t be expecting immediate results. Once your followers begin to really trust you, that’s when your efforts start to pay off. Patients will win you the race!!
  13. Making a social media plan is a must.. Where will you post? How often? Then be consistent. (It is easy to get lost in all of your platforms).
  14. Think about what your followers need to hear, they are your No1..
  15. Social media is about building a community and building long-term, profitable relationships.
  16. What is your #1 social media goal? Engagement? Website traffic? Sales? Make sure everything you do on social media is helping you reach your goal and don't forget to have clarity of the goal..
  17. When Connecting with Influencers in your niche, be sure to share their content…it’s one of the best ways to get on their radar!!! You want them to notice you!!!
  18. Join in with other people’s social media conversations instead of always starting your own.
  19. Sharing positive comment or testimonial with your social media followers, but don't be doing this all of the time as it can come across as desperate
  20. Don’t be afraid to re-tweet your own tweets: It can help you reach followers that didn’t see them the first time.
  21. It has been known that by Using emoticons in your social media posts can increase engagement.
  22. By using links within your tweets gives you the best chance of getting re-tweeted.
  23. You should present consistently and not be like that irritating relative who only shows up when they are after something!
  24. By using vertically-oriented images on Pinterest tends to outperform horizontally-oriented ones.
  25. Tagging other pages in your Facebook posts (where relevant) has a way of reaching out to influential businesses in your niche.
  26. Perfecting the art of the selfie using a tool like Facetune and It will let you take even the most unflattering selfie and turn it into a profile picture you’ll be proud to display!
  27. Avoid using human faces in your Pinterest photos as its known Images without faces get shared more often.
  28. Keep your tweets short enough that others can re-tweet them without cutting out important info like your username.
  29. Investigate the optimal number of times you should be posting to each platform: For instance, did you know that businesses who post to Twitter 30-35 times per week outperform those who tweet 10-20 times per week?
  30. Find out which topics are trending on Facebook and incorporate them into your Facebook posts.
  31. Start @ mentioning influencers on Twitter when you mention them in a blog post.
  32. Create original graphics for your social media and blog posts using a tool like Canva or Recite This. (These are pretty good)
  33. Remember that it’s not the number of followers you have that counts: It’s better to have 100 targeted, engaged followers than 1000 who don’t actually care about your business or products.
  34. Be conversational: This is social media, not an advertisement.
  35. Make sure every single one of your blog posts contains at least one image: Otherwise you don’t have a chance of getting it pinned!
  36. Find out what’s been pinned from your site by going to this URL (obviously replacing with your URL):
  37. Use Facebook Graph Search to find out what your fans are interested in: Use the query Favorite interests of people who like _____________ (your page name)
  38. Post as yourself, not your brand: People want to know they’re communicating with real people.
  39. Use a call to action in your videos: Let your viewers know exactly what you want them to do next. For help with this, see my article, “The Definitive Guide to Crafting Winning Calls to Action in Your Content.”
  40. Create a Facebook Interest List of Industry Influencers: And be sure to add yourself to the list!
  41. Avoid asking your fans to ‘like’ your posts on Facebook to move them up in the Newsfeed: Due to Facebook’s recent crackdown on Like-Baiting, this practice may result in your posts receiving less prominence rather than more.
  42. Make a point of endorsing colleagues and connections on LinkedIn: And ask them to do the same.
  43. Offer just enough info in your Facebook posts to entice your fans to click through: If you provide too much information, they may be content with simply reading your Facebook post.
  44. Take a social media monitoring tool for a test drive: Stop trying to manage and monitor all your social media manually, and try out a free tool like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.
  45. Try posting to social media at different times and days to see when you get the most interaction.
  46. Remember that you don’t own your social media followers: Wherever possible, move them into your online marketing funnel by enticing them to opt-in to your email list.
  47. Recycle old blog posts on social media: Don’t be afraid to share the same blog post more than once…when you do, you accumulate new likes and shares, and increase the post’s social credibility.
  48. Don’t start a tweet with an @ mention. If you do, only yourself, the person mentioned and those who follow you both will see the tweet in their feed.
  49. Find and connect with influencers in your niche or industry using a tool like Social Crawly-tics.
  50. Research the best hashtags for your business, and incorporate them into your posts. Try a tool like to find the best hashtags, and know how many hashtags to use for each social media platform.
  51. When you feel yourself getting burnt out on social media, taking a minute to think about what your online community needs can help you recharge and get back to what really matters.
  52. Take some time to come up with your social media personas: It will help you focus and streamline your efforts.
  53. Create a Facebook Interest List to monitor what your competitors are posting: Just be sure to keep the list private!

Do you have anything you would care to add to this list?

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.

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